Cellogel Strips and sheets


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REF Size - cm Description
01A01-100 2.5x12 Cellogel 250µ
01A06-25 2.5x14 Cellogel 250µ
01A06-100 2.5x14 Cellogel 250µ
01A07-25 2.5x14 Cellogel 200µ
01A07-100 2.5x14 Cellogel 200µ
01A08-100 2.5x14 Cellogel 190µ High Resolution
01A09-25 2.5x13 Cellogel 200µ Pratiga punched
01A11-100 2.5x17 Cellogel 250µ
01A11-25 2.5x17 Cellogel 250µ
01A12-100 2.5x17 Cellogel 200µ
01A12-25 2.5x17 Cellogel 200µ
01A13-100 2.5x17 Cellogel 190µ High Resolution
01A21-100 4x17 Cellogel 250µ
01A22-100 4x17 Cellogel 200µ
01A23-100 4x17 Cellogel 190µ High Resolution
01A29-25 5.7x13 Cellogel 250µ Pratiga punched
01A29U-25 5.7x13 Cellogel 250µ
01A30-25 5.7x13 Cellogel 200µ Pratiga punched
01A30U-25 5.7x13 Cellogel 200µ
01A31-25 5.7x14 Cellogel 250µ
01A32-25 5.7x14 Cellogel 200µ
01A33-25 5.7x14 Cellogel 190µ High Resolution
01A34-25 5.7x14 Cellogel 500µ
01A36-100 5.7x14 Cellogel 250µ
01A37-100 5.7x14 Cellogel 200µ
01A38-100 5.7x14 Cellogel 190µ High Resolution
01A42-25 5.7x14 Cellogel 250µ Pratiga punched
01A43-100 5.7x14 Cellogel 200µ Pratiga punched
01A43-25 5.7x14 Cellogel 200µ Pratiga punched
01A44-25 5.7x14 Cellogel 190µ Pratiga punched H.R.
01A45-25 5.7x14 Cellogel 500µ Pratiga punched
01A52-25 5.7x14.5 Cellogel 250µ Beckman punched
01A53-100 5.7x14.5 Cellogel 200µ Beckman punched
01A53-25 5.7x14.5 Cellogel 200µ Beckman punched
01A54-25 5.7x14.5 Cellogel 190µ Beckman punched H.R.
01A57-25 2.55x14.5 Cellogel 250µ Boskamp punched
01A58-25 2.55x14.5 Cellogel 200µ Boskamp punched
01A59-25 2.55x14.5 Cellogel 190µ Boskamp punched H.R.
01A61-25 7.5x14 Cellogel 200µ
01A62-25 7.8x15 Cellogel 250µ Shandon
01A63-25 7.8x15 Cellogel 200µ Shandon
01A64-25 7.8x15 Cellogel 190µ Shandon H.R.
01A77-100 5.7x17 Cellogel 250µ


REF Size - cm Description
01C10-25 5x23 Cellogel RS 200µ Wedge
01C11-25 5x18.5 Cellogel RS 200µ Wedge
01C01-100 5x23 Cellogel RS 200µ Wedge
01C02-100 5x24 Cellogel RS 190µ Rectangular H.R.
01C03-100 5.7x17 Cellogel RS 190µ Rectangular H.R.
01C04-100 5.7x18.5 Cellogel RS 190µ Rectangular H.R.
01C05-100 5.7x24 Cellogel RS 190µ Rectangular H.R.
Note: RS Wedge Strips are designed for large volume deposit of unconcentrated sample ( 50 -100 µl in drop form ). Specialized for long runs and multifractionation of Serum Proteins, Unconcentrated Urine and CSF


REF Size - cm Description
01E01-10 10x17 Cellogel 250µ
01E02-10 10x17 Cellogel 200µ
01E03-10 10x17 Cellogel 190µ High Resolution
01E04-10 10x17 Cellogel 500µ
01E06-10 14x14 Cellogel 200µ for 2D Immunoelectrophoresis
01E07-10 16.5x14 Cellogel 250µ
01E08-10 16.5x14 Cellogel 200µ
01E09-10 16.5x14 Cellogel 190µ High Resolution
01E10-10 16.5x14 Cellogel 500µ
01E11-10 15x15 Cellogel 300µ
01E12-10 17x17 Cellogel 250µ
01E13-10 17x17 Cellogel 200µ
01E14-10 17x17 Cellogel 190µ High Resolution
01E15-10 17x17 Cellogel 500µ
01E17-10 20.5x20.5 Cellogel 250µ
01E18-10 20.5x20.5 Cellogel 200µ
01E19-10 20.5x20.5 Cellogel 190µ High Resolution
01E20-10 20.5x20.5 Cellogel 500µ
01E22-10 30x30 Cellogel 250µ
01E23-10 30x30 Cellogel 200µ
01E24-10 30x30 Cellogel 190µ High Resolution
01E25-10 30x30 Cellogel 500µ
01E27-10 18.3x14 Cellogel 190µ High Resolution
01E28-10 18.3x14 Cellogel 200µ
01E32-10 18.3x17 Cellogel 190µ High Resolution
01E33-10 18.3x17 Cellogel 250µ
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