(code 08C36-2)

For 2 operations of 16/32 tests of unconcentrated urinary proteins or for unconcentrated cerebrospinal fluid. The Silver Blue Stain kit is the only Silver stain for cellulose acetate existing on the international market and it is our exclusive. The staining of the bands at the end of the treatment makes the brown turn into brilliant blue after a bath of few seconds in the reactive blue toner (included in the kit) giving indelible conservation of the migrations. The Silver Blue Stain makes it possible to establish the typical patterns of selective or non-selective glomerular proteiuria, tubular proteinuria, mixed proteinuria, renal and post-renal, myelomatose proteinuria of Bence-Jones (K-free or Lambda-free).
The sensitivity of the method is double that of the Gold Stain methods and the affinity of the stains to the single proteins in the serum is sufficiently uniform as demonstrated by the comparative figure. With simple micro applications of 0.3 µl/4 mm, without wasting time in costly operations of concentrating of the urine and using samples from extemporary urination, it is possible to discover myelomatose proteinuria, K free or Lambda free (Bence-Jones protein), thanks to the formidable colouring strength of the Silver Blue Stain. The latter is indelible in time contrary to what happens with the Silver Stain method on agarose. It must be underlined that the presence of the Bence-Jones protein in gammapathic patients serves as an index of malignity of the gammapathy. The patient is immediately directed to a Haematology and Transplant centre for the necessary treatment of the case. In the case of unconcentrated cerebrospinal fluid in micro scale the sample must be deposited 2 or 3 times on the start point.

  Comparison between Gold and Silver Blue Stain
  (code 23G05)
For 5 fresh preparations of colloidal nucleated gold stain, 30 nm diameter, for staining of at least 80 unconcentrated urinary proteins after separation at high resolution on Cellogel.